The object of the Branch shall be to encourage and promote, at the local level, the objects and interests of the Association

A major focus for our branch is to promote the profession to students through high school presentations.  In 2016 we added a new major annual event with the APEGNB Saint John Soap Box Derby which will involves dozens local middle schools and area businesses.  Funds raised go to sponsor the 'PALS in the Park' program at Rockwood Park.

2018/19 Saint John Branch Council

Dip Debnath, P.Eng., Vice-Chair

Lauren Boulanger, P.Eng., Past-Chair

Rachel van Wart, P.Eng., Treasurer

Theresa Winslow, P.Eng., Secretary

Alex Bardsley, P.Eng., Communications Representative

Marlo Rose, P.Eng., APEGNB Vice-President

Jeffrey Underhill, P.Eng., APEGNB Saint John Councillor

Michelle Paul-Elias, P.Eng., APEGNB At-Large Councillor

Holly Young, P.Eng., APEGNB At-Large Councillor

Tanya Horgan, P.Eng., P.Geo., Councillor

Greg Donovan, P.Eng., Councillor

Lipika Nath, E.I.T., Councillor

Jessica Davis, E.I.T., Councillor

Kelsey Cronin-McKenna, E.I.T., Councillor

Beth Giroux, E.I.T., Councillor

Bryna McMurtrie, E.I.T., Councillor

Mark Guest, P.Eng., Councillor

Perry Riley, P.Eng. PhD, UNBSJ Faculty Representative

Jayme Girouard, UNBSJ Student Representative

If you are interested in joining the local branch committee please contact at us at!

The events we organize will vary from year to year but we strive to stay busy with with a mix of technical and social events spread throughout the calendar year. 


The Saint John branch by-laws can be found here.