2018 So Far!

2018 has been a busy year for the Saint John Branch for APEGNB!  Our activities have included hosting a technical information night on Tidal Power, helping to send UNBSJ students to the Atlantic Engineering Competition, attending the provincial APEGNB Annual General Meeting in Moncton, and continuing our annual high school presentations. Keep reading for more information on these exciting events, and more events to look for in the spring!

On a snowy night in January, more than 40 engineers and geoscientists came together to attend a technical talk regarding tidal power technology and turbine transportation. Sarah Thomas from OpenHydro and Peter Huttges from Atlantic Towing gave informative presentations for their respective fields, and helped share some knowledge with this blossoming industry in the Bay of Fundy.  In addition to their presentations, they also fielded a wide array of questions from a very inquisitive crowd.  There was such an interest from members on this topic, and we are very grateful to Sarah and Peter for volunteering their time to give their presentations.  Thanks to our presenters and to all of those who attended.

In December, the Saint John branch received a request from our UNBSJ student representatives: Julia Purinton and Sam Piekarski.  The request was for funding to help send four UNBSJ students to the Atlantic Engineering Competition in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  The request was approved, and the students travelled to St. John’s for the competition from January 26-28.  We are pleased to report that the UNBSJ team won first place in the Junior Design category, and advanced to the Canadian Engineering Competition at Ryerson University from March 8-11.  Congratulations to the design team, and thanks to our student representatives for giving us the opportunity to support budding engineers in New Brunswick.

Engineers and geoscientists in New Brunswick gathered in Moncton on February 16 for the 98th Annual Provincial Annual General Meeting (AGM) with APEGNB.  The morning workshop was focused on climate change and the implications on design principles.  Presenters included Paul Campbell (PEng, FEC), David Lapp (PEng, FEC), Kelli Simmonds, Toon Pronk (PGeo), Mike Pauley (PEng), Diane Spencer, (PEng), and Scott Garinther (PEng).  A wide range of topics was discussed, including building codes for larger weather events, New Brunswick’s climate change action plan, energy efficiency at home, and how projects can adapt for large weather events.  The presentations were also broadcasted live online, so members could attend remotely.  

The meeting in the afternoon had many items on the agenda, including a preview of the upcoming Member Portal, logging of continued competency hours, and the much anticipated 100th Annual AGM coming in 2020.  The requirement for members to log continued competency hours through the portal will start in 2019.  More information on that item will be coming later this year.  The tentative launch date for the portal is Summer 2018.  The 100th Annual AGM will be held in Saint John in February 2020.  

Also a part of the meeting was introducing the new president for 2018.  Congratulations to new president Jeff Underhill (PEng), and thanks to Matt Hayes (PEng, FEC) for his work in 2017 as APEGNB president.  Going forward, Matt will be the head of Diversity & Inclusion, which will be a group aimed at making sure that all are welcome in engineering and geoscience.  

The high school presentations coordinated through the Saint John branch have been going very well this year.  Presentations have already been given in 5 schools, with more on the way over the next couple months.  Thanks to Marlo Rose (PEng) for all of her work to coordinate these sessions.  Thanks also go to the volunteers who take time from their busy schedules to encourage young people to consider careers in a technical field.

We have many more exciting activities coming up this year.  The Soap Box Derby returns for its seventh year on Saturday, May 26.  If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please send an e-mail to saintjohn.apegnb@gmail.com.  We will also be having our third annual Young Professional’s Night in June, so keep a look out for the details.

Have an idea for an event?  Feel free to send us an e-mail. We are always looking for new technical tours four our members, as well as engaging networking events.